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What to expect from medical tourism in India?

Medical tourism has been a growing phenomenon in the 21st century, in most of the developing countries. Healthcare services are more accessible, and tourists flock to different countries to freshen up their mind and body, while undergoing operation. The reason behind the massive spurge of medical tourism in India is not just economical. It’s got a lot to do with the geographical scheme of the country, as well.

How is medical tourism booming in India?

India’s medical tourism scene is a unique one. You won’t find another country with such delicately intertwined economic and geographical benefits.

The cost of treatment – including the additional costs that are unavoidable – in India is usually about half of what it is, compared to developed countries. To add to that, the healthcare system in India, is of supreme quality. The massive savings can provide crucial treatment of the patient. Moreover, medical visas, termed “M” visas, are relatively easier to get these days, in India. They are given out in a short period of time, thereby radically improving the chances of a successful treatment on time. The Indian government has ensured that people from underdeveloped countries, in immediate need of the visa, will get them in timely manner.

If that wasn’t enough, surgeries are another reason that medical tourism is on the rise in India. Be it an orthopedics treatment in India or a cardiology treatment, the waiting time for those are almost nonexistent. Unlike many Western countries, surgeries are done immediately in India, which helps the patients in avoiding future complications. The doctors are fully trained in the best medical schools and the healthcare services are at par with the best in the world. Despite being a developing nation, the hospitals and healthcare centers provide premium care to their patients. They offer 24/7 access to the best accommodations and even personalized dining schedules, alongside other added advantages.

Patients are also heavily aided by ayurvedic therapies that are on the rise, lately. The holistic, natural treatments are respected throughout the world as they help tremendously in post-treatment recovery. Also, India is a land of divine and diversified beauty. It never ceases to surprise the traveling patients.

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