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Undergoing orthopaedic surgery? Tips to select your surgeon

Whether your health is reaching its penultimate years or whether you are in your blooming twenties, orthopedic problems do not come with a warning. With the increase in desk jobs and lack of exercises, orthopedic diseases are on the rise, and so is the need for the best quality of orthopedic surgeons. Orthopedics treatment in India and the medical facilities in India altogether have attracted people over the years from world over.

Here are some tips on selecting the right orthopedic surgeon:

Researching the credentials of the surgeon

A board certification is something that is important to be considered while selecting a surgeon. Certification tells you about the necessary skills, training, area of qualification and experience required to excel as a surgeon. Such certification also confirms that the doctor has no history of medical malpractice or disciplinary actions.

Looking into the experience of the surgeon

When there is a special problem, or any problem at all concerning orthopedics, you must ask the doctor about his or her previous experience with other patients having a similar situation. If you have a specific type of treatment you wish to avail, you must ask your doctor if he has performed the same on other patients and about the outcome of the treatment. Any doubts about any sort of complications should also be clarified with the surgeon.

Considering the gender

A lot of doctors are becoming more aware of anatomical sex differences and gender roles, and how treatment concerning orthopedics should be given a different light. It is important that you feel comfortable while disclosing personal information with your orthopedic surgeon, and the gender plays a major role in the level of comfort you need. Consider your surgeon’s gender before going forth with the treatment.

Doing adept research on the quality of the hospital

Even if your surgeon is someone you have chosen after intense research, the hospital plays a significant role in your wellbeing and treatment. The hospital your doctor treats you in becomes your temporary home. Thus, choose a hospital that’s convenient with your location and post-surgery well-being.

Choose your surgeon carefully, as orthopedic surgery requires an extreme level of expertise and care. We at Chikitsatour being a popular medical tourism company in India will provide you with a list of the best hospitals and surgeons that you can resort to for your orthopedic surgery without any doubts or hassles.