Tooth sensitivity: Can it be avoided?

Tooth sensitivity – perhaps one of the most painful problems we suffer in our daily lives! Not just cold drinks or ice creams, other things can also aggravate the problem, like sweets and sour foods or even cold air. Even foreigners avail of medical tourism in India to treat various kinds of dental problems including tooth aches.

But tooth ache is not something permanent. There are certain ways that can help in eradicating this tooth sensitivity issue. You just have to take good care of your teeth along with some expert advices.

Take care of tooth enamel –

This is the basic thing you should do while trying to take care of your tooth sensitivity. Even dentists and experts have come up with this solution. You cannot brush your teeth too hard that will lead to greater trouble.

Avoid acidic food –

Soda, sticky candies and high-sugar carbs – all of these treats attack enamel. Thus, you should always avoid these acidic food, instead try plain yogurt, cheese, fibre rich fruits and vegetables. This is a major part of any dental treatment in India as these are the foods prescribed to eat while trying to get rid of tooth sensitivity.

Take a break from bleaching –

This can surely be a very positive way to get rid of this problem. You should definitely consult your dentist about how the treatment might be affecting you, and whether you should continue it. Bleaching can be negatively effective at times. Hence, taking a temporary break can work well.

Tooth sensitivity is a common dental problem that involves discomfort or pain in teeth and this is mainly due to wrong food habits and of course wrong ways of brushing teeth. In healthy teeth, enamel protects the underlying layer of dentin, but when the enamel is greatly affected, you are open to tooth sensitivity attacks. Our team at Chikitsatour is doing major search regarding this. Even a team of dentists have come up with great many solutions that are working wonders.

Tooth sensitivity might sound trivial but, if your teeth are not given proper treatment or you just leave it exposed to this, decaying becomes easy and this temporary problem turns out to be a permanent ache!