Stop worrying about infertility. Chikitsatour is here to help!

A child is the best gift of God. After marriage, a couple wants to go the family way. A baby means a lot of dreams and emotions. But sometimes, there are complications conceiving a baby. Problems can arise concerning both men and women. Not having in-depth knowledge, social dogmas and negligence can cause a childless couple to be depressed. But now, infertility is not an issue to worry anymore.  At Chikitsatour, we are always prepared to assist you.

What is Infertility?

The term, infertility means the inability to get pregnant after a year of regular intercourse. Most couples achieve pregnancy within one year of trying without using any contraceptives. But infrequent menstrual periods, ovulation problem, aging and for men, sperm ineffectiveness, premature ejaculation are the common symptoms for infertility. According to surveys, 1 out of every 6 couples faces such problems. There are two kinds of infertility problems. The first is the Primary or Secondary infertility problem, where a couple fails to get pregnant after a year of an attempt. The other side of the coin is Sub-fertility, where the couple is not infertile entirely, but the chances of pregnancy reduce after every month.

What can we do at Chikitsatour

The technology of infertility treatment in India is flourishing day by day. The treatment offered in India is much advanced and thus we are now a suitable and preferred destination for foreigners. Medical tourism is another promising sector and in this area, we at Chikitsatour are a leading name. How do we deal with the infertility problem? As it is not solely the problem of a female, the contribution of the male partner is equally important; thus, first of all, we diagnose both men and women. Then we offer specific treatments which are the best and effective.

What treatments we offer

First of all, Ovulation Induction is one of the successful treatments, where irregular ovulation of the female cycle and the poor egg condition is treated. The next is Invitro Fertilization where the egg and sperm are combined outside the body. Then the ovum is transferred into the uterus. Best IVF treatment hospitals in Kolkata have collaborated with us. Another process is sperm freezing by which sperm is frozen at ultra-low temperature for a long duration for future use. As a popular medical tourism company in India, we ensure that the treatment will be the best and budget friendly too.

So, don’t think much about your infertility problem. Just let us know about that and come into contact with us and we will provide you with the joys of becoming a parent. We are always at your service!