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Risk Factors For Heart Problems

Heart diseases – a nightmare for every human being – remain the leading cause of death in even the most developed countries. In Kolkata and other Indian cities, heart diseases have been a growing headache, too. Men have a higher risk of suffering heart problems than women until the age of 75. Having said that, it’s worth noticing most of the factors are avoidable. Some of them are treatable as well, in the growing scheme of cardiology treatments in India.

Factors leading to heart problems

One of the biggest factors leading to heart problems is age. As you grow older, you become more and more prone towards suffering a heart disease. And, while age is certainly a factor, a history of heart problems in the family genetics is almost equally concerning. Also, estrogen usually protects the cardiovascular system effectively, which puts women at a far lesser risk of heart problems than men.

Coming to the lifestyle-related risks, smoking is a genuine villain! Not only does it cause cancer, but it also doubles or quadruples your chances of inflicting a heart attack. A sedentary lifestyle is also strictly advised against, as it only leads to obesity, and eventually heart problems that you can’t return from. More physical activity is always better than just sitting around, doing nothing. But, alongside proper exercise, you also need to maintain a balanced and healthy diet which will keep you from gaining unnecessary weight and help you stay in shape.

Hypertension is also considered to be a potential cause for heart diseases. High blood pressure almost doubles the risk of these problems. High cholesterol and diabetes also enhance the risk factors for major cardiovascular diseases. Type 2 Diabetes, especially, leads to most of the heart diseases.

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