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Pain-free dentistry is no more a dream!

How many times have you been to the dentist and had near-death experiences? Of course, what you experience is far from being near-death; but, you get the gist. Well, what if your trip to the dentist’s was pain-free? What if you went to the dentist, and when you returned home, you weren’t at your most morose self? A new wave of dental treatments in India is ensuring pain-free dentistry – almost like a dream!

What is pain-free dentistry?

Recent developments in technology have led to a complete overhaul of how dentists used to treat their patients. Now, increased use of laser has become possibly the most significant development in pain-free dentistry. It doesn’t require the patient to be heavily sedated, nor does it amount to much blood loss. Also, while drilling teeth, sharper drill bits are used which result in smaller, precise cuts, and, much lesser chances of tooth damage.

These days, low-radiation digital X-rays are used to quicken the usual process. Moreover, these X-rays also ease up on the uncomfortable situation that patients have to experience with traditional X-rays. Even intraoral cameras are applied to get an absolutely clear and close look at the patient’s teeth.

Advantages of pain-free dentistry

The vast advancement in modern technology and its application in this field, does guarantee one thing. It’s that, the pain – which was almost synonymous with dentistry – is being taken out completely from the dentists’ dictionary. So, apart from the obvious, what other advantages does pain-free dentistry offer?

For starters, patients’ and their dentists’ relationship improves. When there’s no pain involved in the process, what’s stopping you from being jolly? It helps you accept the treatment in its entirety. The dark cloud of fear regarding the whole treatment clears. Your oral health improves and anxiety level reduces, making your overall quality of life a lot better than what it used to be, during the traditional dentistry processes.

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