Multi Ogan Transplant

Multi-organ transplants have become increasingly common these days. In India and all over the world, due to the success of it, multi-organ transplant isn’t a feared prospect anymore. But, that doesn’t mean it’s any less difficult that it used to be. At Chikitsatour, we look to provide the best multi-organ transplant in Kolkata.

What is a multi-organ transplant?

In general, multi-organ treatment is referred to as the procedure which involves substituting the healthy organ of another living being with the diseased organ that can’t be treated by medical drugs or surgeries.

There are a few organs and tissues that can be transplanted successfully. These include kidneys, intestine, lungs, heart, liver, bone marrow, skin, valves among others.

Types of donor

Anybody can donate organs, provided they are suited for it. To donate organ, the donor has to be an adult (dead or alive) with no inflectional diseases, cancer or HIV symptoms.

For living donors, it’s easier to donate an organ if the person who needs, is a close family member, since, physical characteristics are likely to be similar. A living donor can donate anything from renewable cells to their body fluid or tissues, and even small bowel, a kidney or part of their liver.

But, it’s not as simple for deceased donors. They must be declared brain-dead before their organs can be transplanted. Only those organs that are still workable are used for a transplant, and are kept in ventilators until the time arrives.

What to expect?

There are a certain factors required to acknowledge before committing to an organ transplant.

It’s important to understand that it’ll be a costly surgery, and if the donor and recipient aren’t entirely matched, the recipient can face fatal troubles in future. Certain aspects like blood type, organ size, medical urgency, age of donor and recipient, whether the donor is alive or dead, immune system match, etc. are considered before an organ is transplanted.

Moreover, in India, there is a national waiting list for organ transplant, where the physician will add you only after you’ve visited the hospital and have been thoroughly examined. Once listed, organs can be donated locally, regionally, or nationally.

Our aim

At Chikitsatour, a leading medical tour operator in Kolkata, we aim to provide the best medical tourism for international as well as local patients. We try to assist them in cases of organ failure and transplant. We are connected to top-tier hospitals in the country, and hence, can guarantee a safe and successful transplant for our patients!