Infertility Treatment

From the most unfortunate occurrences that a couple can face, being infertile will be high up on the list. At some point in their lives, almost everyone wants the surreal feeling of parenthood. But, to the unfortunate ones, there are certain obstacles to getting pregnant. At Chikitsatour, we offer some of the most effective infertility treatment in Kolkata to the men and women who are incapable of bearing a child.

Why does infertility occur?

Infertility is, essentially, the inability to get pregnant after a year of regular sexual intercourse without using any contraceptives. It could be a problem faced by either the male or the female, and can happen due to ovulation problems, ageing, sperm ineffectiveness, or even unexplained, at times.

Our aim

At Chikitsatour, we aim to provide the best treatment in India by helping the patients get the best hospital for infertility treatment. Survey tells us that 1 out of every 6 couples faces such problems, and we hope to deliver proper guidance and help so that they can lead a happier future.

What to expect?

Infertility isn’t just a woman’s problem. A man can be just as much contributing to infertility as a woman can be. We diagnose both men and women based on their possible symptoms. There can be a few types of infertility.

Primary/Secondary infertility is the most common occurrence, where a couple fails to get pregnant even after a year of regular intercourse, or after giving birth to a child.

Sub-fertility is the occurrence where the couple isn’t entirely infertile, but chances of a pregnancy reduce after every month.

Male/Female infertility is the condition where either there is an absence of fertile sperm or the female reproductive organs aren’t perfect.

There are a few infertility treatments that have earned popularity due to their high success rate.

Ovulation Induction is one of the best tried-and-tested forms of treatment, where irregular ovulation of the female cycle and poor egg condition is treated by a stimulation effect.

Invitro Fertilization (IVF) is the process where the egg and sperm are combined outside the body. Then, the ovum is transferred into the uterus to help the embryo grow.

Sperm Freezing is the process where sperm is frozen at ultra low temperatures for a long duration, so that it is available for future use.

Being a medical tourism company in India, we, at Chikitsatour, we provide our services to international, as well as inbound patients who need them. Our connections branch out to many renowned gynecologists and hospitals, which help us, treat our patients in the best way possible.