Infertility Treatment: Facts You Need To Know

Are you a young couple confronted with the problem of infertility? If so we can understand how difficult it can be for both of you as a couple. It is a serious problem which could be can have a devastating impact on all fronts of life. It could have a significant impact on family relationships, overall health, job performance, and social interactions.

Probable causes of infertility

It is very unfortunate to note that the problem of infertility has become a major problem worldwide. In fact as per statistics according to W.H.O as many as 48.5 million couples worldwide experience infertility.
The reasons for this growing problem are many. These include factors like stress, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, changes in eating habits, pollution, and several other reasons. All these are combining and resulting in an increase in the infertility rates.
The good news is that there are advanced treatments available to the problem.

Advanced Treatments available now to take care of the problem

In case you are one of those who are affected with the problem you would be happy to know that with advanced treatment modalities, infertility can be successfully treated. What is even more encouraging to note is that currently, India serves as a fertility tourism hub for the patients around the world. This is the one country which provides an affordable, professional, and world-class medical care. Apart from other qualitative treatments of infertility, India is considered as the most preferred destination for assisted reproductive technology (Surrogacy). This is one major factor which is contributing towards the boom of Medical Tourism in India.

What makes India the leader in the treatment of Infertility treatment?

In the year 1978, the first in-vitro fertilization (IVF) was performed, following which the first test tube baby was born in India. Thereafter there has been no looking back in regard to IVF treatment in India.
This is what has helped India towards providing a successful, cost-effective, and qualitative treatment to the infertility couple. In case you are considering Infertility treatment in India, you would be happy to know that the IVF clinics in India are well equipped with skilled professionals and excellent infrastructure.

The major contributing factor for this growth of Medical Tourism in India is owing to the lower cost of treatments and tighter regulations. This is what is helping the infertile couples getting are attracted to India.
Thus India can indeed be a great destination for infertility treatment. This is why you should be on the lookout for the right Medical Tourism Company in India, which can help you with all that is needed for availing the treatments. These include everything from arranging of Medical Visa to India and much more.

There could be various types of infertility treatments. Some of the major ones are the following:

 ICSI & Testicular Biopsy
 IVF/ ICSI +Donor Sperms
 IVF With Laser Assisted Hatching
 In vitro Fertilization (IVF)
 Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
 IVF +ICSI with Optical Spindle view
 IVF with Egg Donation

These are all various types of infertility treatments which you can avail in India. If you need the best Medical Tourism Services in India, then Chikitsa Tour is one of the leaders in the field in India.