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India on the path of becoming a hub for medical tourism

India has always been a favored destination for tourists. Be it in terms of scenic or the rich culture and heritage it has, India offers some of the most spectacular tourist destinations. However one of the latest developments which have happened in recent times owing to many factors, India has also emerged as a top country for medical tourism. So in case you are looking for world-class medical treatment then medical tourism in India is what you should be looking out for.

Medical treatment in India: the latest trends

It is being seen that more and more people are now falling to lifestyle diseases like never before. Many factors have contributed to the same. These include everything from the intake of junk food with poor nutrition to lack of rest and exercises owing to our fast and hectic lifestyle. Thus more and more people are falling to prey to killer lifestyle diseases like Cardio-Vascular diseases, Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer and many more. With the sudden upsurge in demand for treatment for such diseases many technologically advanced hospitals and nursing homes have come up in India. This is helping treat patients suffering from these lifestyle diseases not just in India, but worldwide. Thus many patients from across the world are flocking into India to avail the latest medical facilities and treatment in India.

What do the studies reveal?

According to a FICCI-IMS report, over 500,000 foreign patients seek treatment in India every year. As per the report it is seen that the patients who visit India for medical treatment mainly come here to avail heart surgery, knee transplant, Cosmetic Surgery, and dental care. The main reason for this is that these types of medical treatments in India are much lower in comparison to other countries in Asia.

Other factors which have also led to the rapid growth of this latest trend in terms of Medical tourism in India are due to the availability of specialized doctors in India. The easy e medical visa for India is also a major contributing factor for the same.

Thus there has indeed been a sudden spurt in demand for medical tourism in India.
Thus in case you too are looking for availing the best medical treatment in India you would be happy to note that there are many reliable medical tourism companies in India which have come up.

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