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India becoming medical tourism hub for Africans

In 2015, the Global Health Workforce Alliance has stated in its 2015 report that African nations have been facing a severe shortage of medical professionals and adequate health infrastructure. Moreover, in these nations health care is being inadequately funded. So, more and more people of these nations are visiting India to avail high-quality medical treatments at affordable costs.

According to the Indian high commissioner, in 2015, around 20,000 Nigerians have visited in India for various medical purposes like transplant surgeries, joint replacements, cardiac surgeries, kidney surgeries, dental surgeries etc.


Since 1990, India has developed herself as a global leader in medical tourism. And, it has become possible because she boasts of her highly qualified doctors, latest medical technologies and unique treatments by following each and every rule of WHO ( World Health Organization ) and US Food and Drug Administration. Also, the costs for initiating high-quality medical treatments are quite affordable compared to countries like the US and the UK. For example, the cost of a kidney transplant in India is around $13,000, while the same treatment in the US is available at $3,00,000. This kidney transplant package of India generally includes surgery fee, consultation fee, medical check-up fee, AC cabin charge etc.

Various hospitals in India have their own health insurance schemes and also they have collaborated with various internationally reputed insurance companies so that maximum foreign patients can avail insurance services of their home nations to cover their medical costs in India. Thus, you can imagine that, if you avail our services at Chikitsatour, you will bag a pocket-friendly medical tour which may be more reasonable and efficient in the market. For oncology treatment in India, you can save the maximum of your hard-earned money.

Before availing the service of a popular medical tourism company in India, know the fact that the Indian Government is providing different facilities to the foreigners visiting for medical purposes. For example, many tour packages allow the patients to bring their companions with huge discounts on travelling costs.

Among various medical tourism operators of Kolkata, our company, Chikitsatour, will provide you with each and every solution of medical tourism in a simple systematic way. Due to that reason, you don’t need to knock the doors of various departments for your journey and treatment. We will initiate all processes for you.