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Hip Replacement in India

Hip disorders are one of the most delicate problems in medical science these days. India is dealing with this problem for quite some time now and hip replacement has become a regular drill at the hospitals. The procedure of hip replacement has a success rate of 99% and has proved extremely beneficial for relatively young patients suffering from secondary arthritis. Even you will get to see this getting highly promoted at medical tourism in India and that has also been successful in creating awareness and knowledge regarding the same.

It has to be understood that hip replacement is not of one kind. There are different sorts of hip replacement surgeries and they are applicable to different problems.

Traditional Total Hip Replacements –

This traditional method of hip replacement are reasonably successful in elderly relatively inactive patients. But as the highly medical aids have come into being, the longevity of the outcome is poor in this regard. This traditional method is rarely applied to young patients because the outcome is poorer!

Total Hip Replacement –

In this case, the end portion of the thighbone affected by arthritis is replaced with a metal head that can be cemented with special glue to the stem of the thighbone or rather can be un-cemented and this is mostly applicable in case of younger patients. The benefit of the Total Hip Replacement procedure is that it enables the restoration of the natural gliding motion of the joint. This method is now the most popular in orthopedics treatment in India.

Proxima Hip Replacement –

This is also considered ideal for young patients. In case of this procedure, the part of thighbone at the point where it begins is shaped and replaced by a metal head. This is made to fit in a metal cup that is fixed into the socket.

In case of hip replacement surgery, the damaged parts of the hip joint are removed and the doctor replaces them with parts mainly made of metal and hard plastic. This artificial joint actually helps in reducing pain and improves function. All the above mentioned processes are the existing ones. Our orthopedics services at Chikitsatour practices all of these methods. We also have tried the methods of Bilateral and Revision Hip Replacements and they have also shown great success.