Heart Disorders

Live a Healthy and Happy Life: Deal with Heart Disorders at Chikitsatour

Heart blockage is basically several different things. With a heart attack, it is usually a blocked heart that has blocked up the artery completely. Cardiology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the heart. Missing the warning signs of heart problems is easy. It has been found that people with heartbeat disorders or heart diseases do not even recognize it. Hence, it is important for us to have access to train people who can help.

We at Chikitsatour understand that you care for your heart. Thus, we help our clients get access to the latest surgical treatments. Our connection with the best electro psychology specialists can help you treat heart spacing issues too. We understand that every second counts during an attack. Therefore, we are always at your doorstep with our rapid emergency care. If you are planning to see a heart specialist, connect with us. We are open at your service 24X7. We make arrangements for various treatments related to heart, and few of them are listed as follows:

CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft)

We at Chikitsatour make sure that clients, who come forward to join us for their medical tour in India, get the best bypass surgery treatment. We care for you, and hence, work hard on finding the advanced and top-notch treatments for you to reduce risks of death and lead a happy life. Our medical tourism in India helps you deal with heart disorders and cardiac problems at the best possible affordable rates.

Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

In the present day, availability of valves has become much convenient. But this particularly depends on certain criterion. Physical features are among the most important criteria that are to be considered. We at Chikitsatour make sure that our clients get excellent consultation and treatment facilities during their tour. To avail our latest packages, reach us as soon as possible. Your healthy heart medical tour is just one step away.

We are among popular medical tour operators in Kolkata comprising experts that are always at your service. Your medical tour in India is on the hands of the best experts when you consult us. We offer cost-effective treatments for heart ailments that are quite unmatched. Hence, the post-treatment medical tour is not going to cost you much. We are here to make your medical tourism in India worth it!