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Indian healthcare market taps Africa – Know why!

To cure various complex diseases, it is necessary to avail high-quality healthcare services with top-class infrastructure and facilities. But, in many under-developed nations in Africa, a lot of common people can’t avail top-quality healthcare services. So, they try to visit foreign countries to get them cured of various health-related problems at affordable costs.

Like many other nations, in India also, there are different providers who offer quality medical tourism services which include arranging tours for foreign patients, ticketing, visas, food, lodging, creating appointments with doctors, admissions in hospitals, health check-up etc.



Our company Chikitsatour provides medical tourism in India and acts as a one-stop solution for foreigners so that they can avail high-quality healthcare and alternative treatments achieving full hospitality and comfort.


We emphasize on safety and security of our patients. We ensure safe and secured treatment alongside the safety of the overall journey.

Our experts can give the best recommendations for doctors, hospitals, blood banks, pharmaceuticals etc. Moreover, if you avail our services then you will be provided an expert professional who will accompany you and guide you across your entire journey in India.

Impartially, we provide world-class hospitality service to foreigners of all races, casts, gender, occupation, class or status.

Whether it is cardiology treatment or any other treatment in India, you can avail these at much affordable rates than that of western countries. For example, replacement of a heart-valve will cost around $200,000 or more in the U.S. But, in India, this same health treatment will cost around $10,000. Moreover, if you avail the service of us at Chikitsatour, you can benefit such medical treatments at a more affordable rate.


In the 3rd India-Africa Forum summit at New Delhi, various programmes have been proposed to develop the relationship between Africa and India. The health sector has become one of the best contributors to this matter. India has been sharing her expertise, experience, human resource facilities, and other technical matters to serve the patients of Africa on a large scale.  From the Indian market, patients can avail cheap HIV medicines. Here to mention that 80% of HIV medicines of African nations are being produced and delivered by Indian companies. Indian health institutes and pharmaceuticals also successfully treat the patients of TB, malaria and many other infectious diseases.

Various private and semi-government hospitals have created cheap health packages, and by availing such packages foreigners of low-income groups can easily avail complex treatments at affordable costs.