Emerging Trends of Medical Tourism in India

There is no doubt that the medical tourism industry is booming globally. What is also worth noting regarding the industry that the trends in medical tourism are that it is very dynamic and always constantly changing. Out of the many countries globally, India for sure has emerged as a top choice for medical tourists.

What medical tourists usually seek?

It is seen that most medical treatments now have become very expensive in many countries and often out of the reach of many in most countries. Owing to this they seek more affordable and even oftentimes life-saving treatments.
On the other hand, some people choose to become medical tourists to countries like India for reasons pertaining to health insurance covers. In many western and advanced countries, some Insurance Companies refuse to cover certain treatments. These could include treatments in regard to plastic or cosmetic procedures to improve their physical looks as well as their mental perception of themselves.

What is Medical Tourism and how the Indian industry is growing?

You would now often come across the term “Medical Tourism”. Medical tourism as popularly known, or health and wellness tourism is basically the industry, where people from across the world travel to other countries to get medical, dental or surgical care. During this time they may also visit local tourist attractions of that country. Out of the total medical tourism globally, almost as much as 63 percent is shared between Singapore, Thailand, and India. However, Singapore and Thailand clearly are the leaders in the field. It has been seen India has a steady growth in medical tourism. From 2013-16, the medical visas issued annually have grown from 1.22 lakh to 1.78 lakh in India.
This by itself shows the rapid growth of Medical Tourism in India.

Why India is one of the best places for medical treatment at affordable rates?

  •  India has World class facilities and services in terms of medical treatment
  • There are highly qualified Indian doctors
  •  In terms of surgery costs, there are some surgeries which would cause patients 10-20 percent of the total cost incurred in Western countries

Patients do not have to go through any waiting period for treatment

Major challenges facing the sector

In spite of all the growth which has happened, the sector faces some challenges as well. These need to be addressed in order to attract more and more patients and to make the country the most preferred medical tourism hub:

  •  These are in terms of improving perception across the globe in terms of hygiene and service
  •  The service quality standards have to be improved upon in terms of quality of services offered
  •  Better facilities in terms of post surgeries recovery need to be established
  •  It is true that medical visa-procedures have been simplified to some extent. Yet it is important that further simplification is done for attracting more medical tourist to India.
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