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Oncology services at Chikitsatour – first-rate & affordable!

Medical tour is definitely a very fruitful step towards the improvement of new medical set up. There are different departments of these medical tours, so are the services. Oncology is one of the most discussed and practiced departments in medical science today. New dimensions are being discovered in this discipline every now and then. Our […]

Stop worrying about infertility. Chikitsatour is here to help!

A child is the best gift of God. After marriage, a couple wants to go the family way. A baby means a lot of dreams and emotions. But sometimes, there are complications conceiving a baby. Problems can arise concerning both men and women. Not having in-depth knowledge, social dogmas and negligence can cause a childless […]

Having orthopedic surgery? Tips to select your surgeon

As we already know, the first step towards an active and healthy living is seeking the help of the best orthopedic surgeon. Did your doctor just recommend consulting an orthopedic surgeon? Well, you will not have to worry, all thanks to technological advancement. Modern-day advancements have led to more complex yet successful joint repair techniques. […]

India becoming medical tourism hub for Africans

In 2015, the Global Health Workforce Alliance has stated in its 2015 report that African nations have been facing a severe shortage of medical professionals and adequate health infrastructure. Moreover, in these nations health care is being inadequately funded. So, more and more people of these nations are visiting India to avail high-quality medical treatments […]

Indian healthcare market taps Africa – Know why!

To cure various complex diseases, it is necessary to avail high-quality healthcare services with top-class infrastructure and facilities. But, in many under-developed nations in Africa, a lot of common people can’t avail top-quality healthcare services. So, they try to visit foreign countries to get them cured of various health-related problems at affordable costs. Like many […]

Avail Indian Medical Treatments Now Sitting in Africa

Africa happens to be one of the biggest trade centers in the world, but is still one of the developing nations. Availability of doctors and the presence of proper pharmacies remain one of the biggest drawbacks of the nation. It is very common to see several non-profit organizations approaching rural as well as urban areas […]

Why African Patients Choose India for Medical Treatments?

Medical treatments in India outperform other medical sectors of the world due to its accredited facilities, remarkable quality service and hospitable attitude of the entire medical staffs. The treatment is achieved at a very economical cost that saves money for a post-treatment tour. With the passage of time, India is gaining more popularity from African […]

Africans can get the best cost-effective medical care in India

We are now living in a global village. Geographical boundaries are too trivial to overcome and contours between two geopolitical entities are just a matter of administrative and political affairs. Through the internet and a high-quality communication system, now we are living like an extended family. So it is our principal duty to take care […]

Indian Hospitals Attract African Patients

 India is gradually becoming more and more popular with Africans, seeking medical treatment overseas. Due to its affordable, state-of-the-art equipment and its highly skilled doctors. India is gaining more popularity than the US and the UK. The reason for this is that health care is extremely expensive in these countries. And getting visas to those […]

Africans Head to India for Treatment

Due to affordable price rates for medical treatments and the presence of highly expert and qualified medical professionals in various health institutes, India has become one of the most popular destinations for the patients of Africa. With world-class medical facilities, cutting-edge technologies and expert medical professionals, reputed hospitals like Apollo, Columbia Asia, Fortis, RTIICS, etc., […]