We ensure you the best ‘Chikitsa’ and ‘tour’ in India!

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Medical tourism in India

Medical tourism in India is under great demand due to its world-class service with superior facilities with renowned medical experts! And on that note medical tourism industry is contributing a decent amount in India's economy. Outperforming all the top medical tourism company, Chikitsatour stands out as the leading medical tourism company in India.

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Our Comprehensive Mission

The company’s mission is to provide a one-stop solution to healthcare & alternative treatments in India with the most effective and positive outcomes and the entire journey served with utmost hospitality. A healthy way of living is what we desire for all the people breaking geographical boundaries.

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Our far-reaching Vision!

Every people on this universe have the right to live a healthy life and therefore we, the team of Chikitsatour prioritize the healthy life for all! We think about health in global terms. Hence, our vision is to remain the leading medical tourism company in India throughout and forever, encompassing all the human living beings on the Earth seeking for the best provisions and medical treatments in India for a healthy life.

Why Chikitsatour

Having its birth on the Indian soil with a soul intention to provide a complete package of the safest and the best medical tourism in India, the company has kept its name “Chikitsatour”, where the word “Chikitsa” in Sanskrit (the indian ancient language) itself means ‘treatment’!

Medical tourism is beyond proper treatment. Hence, from planning; consulting and suggesting the most suitable and noteworthy medical sectors along with a proper recommendation of the proficient medical professionals & surgeons; to ensuring comfort accommodation with a post treatment tourism: we offer the complete package tailored according to the client’s suitability and health condition, everything at a pocket-friendly price range.

What makes us the best healthcare tourism company in India?

Our safety measures: We prioritize safety of the patient first. A safe and secured treatment alongside the safety of the overall journey is always kept in mind.

Effective Consultation: Our wide-industry knowledge holding experts gives the best of suggestions for renowned medical experts; recommends the clients for most favourable hospitals, clinics and medical sectors; guide you through the entire medical tour: but all of these after a proper planning of the entire medical tourism journey including the ‘Chikitsa’ or the ‘treatment’.

Impartial Hospitality: The entire team members of Chikitsatour are known for world-class hospitality to people who are living outside India and relying on our nation for their medical health check-up. But our hospitality goes beyond boundaries, races, casts, gender, occupation, class or status. We set a cordial relationship with all our clients and serve them high quality medical treatment in India.

Innumerable facilities

Our complete medical tourism solutions and services include plenty of facilities that are planned according to the client, the health condition of the client and the type of medical treatment provided to him / her or them. Not to mention, our facilities include safe journey provisions, healthy and comfortable accommodation, hygienic food arrangements, all-time emergency care services and lots more.

These are some of the basic reasons why international and inbound patients looking for medical treatment in India consider Chikitsatour as their trusted medical tourism guide.
With Chikitsatour, your medical tourism in India will be worthwhile and memorable.

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