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5 Most Common Plastic Surgeries

Rectifying body features is now quite a common trend but sometimes it so happens that an accident or any fatal disease binds you to go for plastic surgeries. For people who want to adjust their appearance, plastic surgery is a viable option. However, plastic surgery may also be used for medical purposes as said before.

Our team at Chikitsatour comes across a lot of cases dealing with plastic surgery. Now plastic surgery has become a very important part of medical tourism in India. This is also becoming popular because of the successful end result.

There are 5 most common plastic surgeries done:

Dermabrasion –

This is a newly popular plastic surgery that involves gently sanding down the top layer of skin. The end result is growing of smoother-looking skin. This is mainly done for the ones who want to get rid of wrinkled or damaged skin.

Facelift –

This is a popular type. Our medical team at Chikitsatour has been dealing with these kinds of cases for quite a long time. This process actually involves the repairing of sagging, loose, drooping or wrinkled skin on the face.

Rhinoplasty –

This process of plastic surgery is also very commonly done. This is a surgery where the repairing or reshaping of the nose takes place. Plastic surgery in India has become very popular with the inclusion of these procedures.

Lip augmentation –

This surgery is quite a rage amongst the celebrities of the glamour world! Generally, the injectable dermal fillers are used for increasing lip volume, shape or structure. But this stays intact only for around 6 months. This is not a permanent surgery.

Liposuction –

This is a fat removing procedure that is done with the help of surgery. Chikitsatour has been dealing with this surgery for the past few years and this is quite a common one. Here, localized fat deposits are removed directly beneath the skin.

These 5 types are not the only plastic surgeries in practice but of course the commonest of all, as these are quite affordable. There are many other plastic or cosmetic surgeries that are delicate to undertake. Be it for beautification or for any medical purpose, plastic surgery has heightened its popularity to a great extent in present times!